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Always informed

Connect your social profiles and wallets to effortlessly stay updated about the topics that matter to you, right where you want to.

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How it works

  • Connect your wallet.

  • Connect your socials, email, phone number or other notification preferences.

  • Receive news from projects you own, exactly where you want them.

  • Done!


We keep you in the loop with the latest news from your favorite projects, right where you want them. Subscriptions are managed automatically, so you can focus on what matters most.

Automatic and manual subscriptions

We keep track of your subscriptions based on what is in your wallet, and make sure you're always up-to-date. Alternatively, you can always manually subscribe to projects you're interested in, even if you don't own any of their tokens.

Messaging connectivity

Connect your social profiles to receive notifications where you want them. With Discord, Twitter, Telegram and even fully anonymous email and in-browser notifications, you will never miss an important message again.

Mute and pause

Pause or entirely mute notifications from projects you just hold, but do not need regular updates on.


Choose per wallet and even per project, how you want to receive notifications. Turn entire categories of subscriptions on or off with a simple click.


Verify your project quickly and reach your audience with easy to use publishing tools. We make sure the news reach everyone, and in the right format.


Privacy and security are our prime directive. Enterprise level infrastructure best practices keep your data safe, as publisher and subscriber. On-chain verification is used whenever possible, to ensure you only receive news from sources you trust.

Meet our team

The team that brought you VibrantNet is now also working hard on Reach Your People.

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